CRACK Ashoka, Plaksha, Jindal, KREA...!!

We are committed to your success. Our IVY League Mentors help students in One-on-One Customized mentoring sessions to build strong profiles and end-to-end application support for all the competitive Indian colleges .  

Profile Building for College Admissions

Our IVY League Mentors help students one-on-one to build strong profiles for these competitive college admissions.

Skill building and CV building Activities

Leave a lasting impression on admission committee by undertaking skill building and CV building activities to pave your way for a bright future.

Stock up for Cracking Interviews

ACadru mentors helps you to crack difficult interviews and gives you best reads to build creative confidence and to acquire deep knowledge and learning.

Focus on Multi-disciplinary learning

21st century Colleges like Ashoka, Plaksha, Krea, etc. focuses on multi-disciplinary skills. ACadru provides multi-disciplinary online learning platform to learn and acquire practical experiences.

School Projects Galore

ACadru helps students to discover ideas & projects for creating high school projects to improve grades and crack these colleges.

Confused with Career or Subject Choices!

Want to see yourself on the pinnacle of success? ACadru's mentoring sessions and multi-disciplinary platform AI features guides you to the subjects and careers best suited for you.